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The Rhode Island International Economic Ambassadors Initiative

Rhode Island's diversity has always been our strength. Started in 2019 by then Lt. Governor Daniel J. McKee, this initiative engages our culturally diverse populations in a unique way to spark economic development and create opportunities for businesses throughout our state.

Governor Dan McKee
  • The initiative encourages residents to voluntarily use their international contacts and professional relationships to promote Rhode Island’s viable economic potential as an entry point to United States markets. 
  • Those interested in representing Rhode Island abroad can fill out an application that will be reviewed. Country of origin or other global contact should be stated.
  • Once approved, Ambassadors are given access to digital marketing kits that highlight Rhode Island's diverse economy, convenient geography and rich history. When an ambassador travels out of the country, they use the kits to have simple, positive conversations about Rhode Island with business or government leaders in their networks. 
  • During the Pandemic, virtual global meetings were held to continue developing relationships with other countries in hopes of import/export potential.
  • Once an ambassador makes a promising contact, they report back to the Governor's Office where a staff member engages the appropriate Rhode Island economic

    development agency to pursue the lead and provide a clear path to creating a working relationship.
  • Ambassadors serve in an honorary capacity to promote Rhode Island.  No compensation or reimbursement is provided.
Apply to be a Rhode Island International Economic Ambassador