Application Form for Preferred License Plate

Only one (1) plate TYPE can be requested per application form.

Phone: 401-222-2080
Fax: 401-222-8096
Email: [email protected]

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(Applicant must be the registered vehicle owner.)
Phone 1
Phone 2
Type of Plate Requested
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Requested Preferred Plate

You may supply up to four preferred plate options, in order of preference. Please keep the following format restrictions in mind:

  • Passenger plates with 1 letter with 1-3 digits; 2 letters with 1-2 digits; or 1-4 digits (1-9999)
    For example:
    • A-12
    • AB-1
    • 6789
  • Commercial, Combination, Motorcycle plates with 1-4 digits (1-9999)
    For example:
    • 1
    • 12
    • 8979
  • Antique plates (1-2000)
    For example:
    • 42
    • 112
    • 1979
  • Suburban and Veteran plates with 1-3 digits (1-999)
    For example:
    • 5
    • 252
    • 999
  • National Guard and Public plates with 1-2 digits (1-99)
    For example:
    • 3
    • 999

Please note that plate graphics shown are for example purposes only. Actual plates will feature the appropriate design as requested.

Branch Location for Plate Pickup

Please note: all plates are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that any of your requested options can be secured. In the event that none of the requested options are available, you will be contacted to discuss further options.

By submitting this request, I certify that I am the above-named applicant and the information provided in this application is true and correct.