Executive Order 24-04

Establishing the Health Care System Planning Cabinet

WHEREAS, access to high-quality, affordable, and culturally appropriate health care is critical to the wellbeing of Rhode Islanders and to the state’s economy;  

WHEREAS, Rhode Island is committed to improving the quality, equity, access, and affordability of its health care system;  

WHEREAS, our health care system continues to experience staffing challenges, burdening the health care workforce, providers, and patients seeking access to necessary health care services;

WHEREAS, quality data related to the health care system is paramount for actionable health care policy, oversight, and accountability;

WHEREAS, the State is committed to a comprehensive strategic health care system planning process that engages with a broad and inclusive group of stakeholders;

WHEREAS, health care system planning must effectively and efficiently coordinate with other human services systems to ensure continuity of care, supportive service delivery, and basic needs in partnership with other key sectors in Rhode Island; and

WHEREAS, Rhode Island is committed to a comprehensive review of its health care system to align it with current and future needs and to continue health care system planning and reform on an ongoing basis.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DANIEL J. McKEE, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Rhode Island, do hereby order and direct the following:

A.  Health Care System Planning Cabinet

  1. There is hereby established the Health Care System Planning Cabinet (“HCSP Cabinet”) that shall exist for the purpose of advising the Governor.
  1. The members and chair of the HCSP Cabinet shall be appointed by the Governor and shall serve at the pleasure of the Governor.  The membership shall include:

    a. Secretary of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS);

    b. Assistant Secretary of EOHHS;

    c. Medicaid Program Director;

    d. Director of Department of Health;

    e. Director of Department of Human Services;

    f. Director of Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals;

    g. Director of Department of Children, Youth, and Families;

    h. Director of Department of Labor and Training;

    i. Commissioner of Health Insurance;

    j. Commissioner of Postsecondary Education.  
  1. The HCSP Cabinet shall engage and solicit broad input from an array of stakeholders, including but not limited to EOHHS’ Independent Advisory Council under R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-7.2-7, and other stakeholders that have an expertise in various areas.

  2. Executive Order 15-13, “Working Group for Health Care Innovation” is hereby repealed. 

B.  Cooperation with the HCSP Cabinet

  1. All departments, offices, boards, and agencies of the State shall provide assistance and cooperation to the HCSP Cabinet, including use of state facilities, which may be necessary to fulfill the purposes of this Executive Order.
  1. All departments, offices, boards, and agencies shall provide staff support necessary for the HCSP Cabinet.

C.  Duties and Purpose

  1. The HCSP Cabinet shall evaluate and propose specific recommendations concerning the implementation of a statewide health care system plan, including potential legislation to implement such a plan. 
  1. The HCSP Cabinet’s recommendations for health care system planning shall focus on improving quality, affordability, and equity across the continuum of care to ensure Rhode Islanders have access to a health care delivery system aligned with current and future needs.
  1. The HCSP Cabinet shall focus on integrating oversight and accountability of the health care system using quality data and make recommendations for establishing a framework for regulating and overseeing the entire “system of care.” 
  1. The HCSP Cabinet shall utilize existing data from state agencies including data from the EOHHS Ecosystem, the State Longitudinal Data System, and from the private sector, that includes data on health care disparities, the health care workforce, and demographic data of providers and patients, including race, ethnicity, primary language spoken, disability status, sexual orientation, and gender identity where available.
  1. The HCSP Cabinet shall develop recommendations for effective structures to ensure adequate oversight and regulation of the health care delivery system using metrics to assess financial and operational stability and effectiveness of the overall system.
  1.  Members of the HCSP Cabinet, stakeholders, and persons with relevant expertise may be assigned to committees consistent with their areas of expertise and interest.
  1. The HCSP Cabinet may include the work of other health care reform efforts in the State and shall serve as the primary coordinating body for all health care system planning efforts ongoing within the Executive branch.   
  1. The HCSP Cabinet shall begin its work immediately and shall produce its first report on or about December 1, 2024.

This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

So Ordered:

Daniel J. McKee