Governor McKee Deploying New Leadership Team for the State’s Department of Housing

Published on Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Team Will Coordinate the Establishment of the New Department of Housing and Plans for Housing and Community Development

PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Dan McKee today announced that he is deploying a new leadership team for the state’s Department of Housing. The Governor has asked Stefan Pryor to serve as Rhode Island’s Secretary of Housing and will be nominating him to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Rhode Island Housing. During this critical period, Pryor will oversee the State’s housing efforts, establish the State’s new Department of Housing, and position the Department to fulfill the Administration’s vision of increasing housing opportunities to serve all Rhode Islanders – across income levels and communities.

Governor McKee also announced today that he will be appointing Hannah Moore, who previously served the state of Rhode Island as Assistant Secretary of Commerce, as the Executive Director of the Housing Resources Commission. The Housing Resources Commission, which predates the new Department of Housing, is statutorily charged with developing statewide housing plans, programs, and systems. Moore will also serve as Assistant Secretary of Housing in the McKee Administration. In these roles, Moore will guide this work in close collaboration with Pryor, the Housing Resource Commission’s 28-person board, and Rhode Island Housing.

“Housing is one of the most critical issues facing Rhode Island today and over the next decade,” said Governor McKee. “We need to keep our children here in Rhode Island, not price them out of our state. And we need to make homes affordable to families of every income level, including families who are especially cost burdened. I thank Stefan and Hannah for stepping up to serve Rhode Island in this new capacity. Together, we will build out a Department of Housing that is up to the challenge and opportunity that this moment represents.”

“Housing is essential to the health of our community as well as our economy,” said Stefan Pryor. “During this critical period, we will work to position Rhode Island for continued – and increased – progress. It’s important for us to come together around our common mission, bring together an effective housing organization, and take key steps that will enable us to advance collectively. We will start by listening to everyday Rhode Islanders, state and local leaders, and housing professionals and advocates regarding our current challenges as well as the ways we can propel our state forward. I thank Governor McKee and General Assembly leaders for their confidence and support in this important effort.”

Pryor served as the State’s first Secretary of Commerce. Pryor previously served as Deputy Mayor and Director of Economic and Housing Development in Newark, N.J. Working with stakeholders, Pryor and Moore are expected to coordinate the establishment of the new Housing Department, the strengthening of the homelessness team, and the development of overall plans regarding housing during this key period.

“Housing is fundamental to Rhode Islanders’ ability to succeed at work, take care of their families, and manage life’s challenges,” said Hannah Moore. “I’m energized that the Governor, General Assembly leadership, and leaders across the state are aligning in ushering in a new era where Rhode Island is known as a place that moves nimbly to expand housing opportunities. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Secretary Pryor and partners across the state in order to build a team, systems, and resources that can help Rhode Island live up to its ambitions.”

Pryor will also be coordinating a set of major projects for the McKee Administration – especially developments and initiatives that involve housing. Pryor and Moore will start on February 6.